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New Red Shirt Diaries with Captain Kirk!





So, I’m sure all you bright young things have already worked this out, but a friend of mine just pointed out to me that if we’re really angry with Doctor Who for its misogyny, uncritical presentation of the Doctor as a colossal patriarch, creepy abusive…

Tired of misogyny and poor representation in Doctor Who? Send in a complaint to the BBC!

This is my comment: “While shinier and full of more explosions than ever, I do feel the heart and soul of Doctor Who has gone missing. Now with more comments about a slender woman’s hips and jokes about women, Doctor Who has become a parody of itself. There is no message, just pokes and prods at the self esteem of little girls who, by the way, this show is partially aimed at (it’s a children’s show? Not anymore.) Steven Moffat may be gaining you new fans, but he’s alienating his old fans and dumbing down the show so there’s nothing to be learned or gained by watching. The writing is lazy, filled with cliche tropes, slapstick, and cheap shots at women. While, yes, there are some jokes made about men, they are jokes that poke at perceived standards of masculinity, and in no way are the men allowed to have traits that are societally feminine. I and so many of the people I encounter online are sorely hurt and disappointed by Doctor Who under Moffat’s lead. Capaldi, Smith, Gillan, Coleman, they are probably wonderful but I honestly can’t tell because they are being stifled and shunted aside by the poor writing and the even poorer showrunning. Get a new showrunner before Moffat runs the show into the ground. I miss being able to love Doctor Who. Believe it or not, fans don’t actually like hating shows they used to love. Please, please, please give us back the show we used to love. Thank you.”



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Why doesn’t this have more notes guys? C’mon, if anything we help one another more than an actual therapist at times.


the bible said Adam and Eve not Ted and Robin


At Comic Con, a little boy lost his dad in the crowd, and was scared until he saw the Flash and Wonder Woman. He went up to the Flash to ask for help, because he knows him. I think my heart is about to explode.

Got to go on the Universal Backlot today. Christmas in September and I was ill prepared. #adventuresinnannying



THE LONG HALLOWEEN #13 (Dec. 1997)
Art by Tim Sale & Gregory Wright
Words by Jeph Loeb


Permission granted…

I don’t know what my hair is doing today and I don’t think it does either. #pixiehair #selfie